The taking of orders on the Website is subject to strict compliance with the procedures described hereinafter, which are also formalized by a succession of different screens on which are displayed the successive stages which the customer must imperatively go through in order to validate their order.


On the Site, the customer selects, enters and validates the identification and the quantity of the items he wishes to order (the availability of which must be confirmed by the Company if necessary); Said articles shall be added to its "Basket".


The customer may freely modify online their Shopping Basket consisting of the Items they have selected, remove an item initially selected, change the quantities ordered or add another item by clicking on the corresponding elements placed at their disposal within the Shopping Basket. The price of the Items, as defined in Article 7 hereinafter, will be automatically displayed In the Shopping Basket.


Once the customer has finished making their selection and wishes to validate the content of their Shopping Basket, they must identify themselves: if they already have a customer account with the Company, they will do so by means of their email address (login) and their password; if they do not already have a customer account with the Company, they will identify themselves by their name, the address of their usual residence, at which address the order will be invoiced to them, and their phone number. The customer must also validate: the delivery address for the order, the amount of the postage costs for the order being specified at this time, and lastly the payment method chosen. Once all this information has been duly entered and validated, the price of the Items, as defined in Article 7 hereinafter, plus the postage costs will be automatically displayed. After providing their credit card number, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 below, the customer should then click on the "VALIDATE" button with a view to the debiting of their bank account. The authorization to debit their bank account issued by the customer's bank will then be displayed. The customer is advised to record and/or make a paper print-out of this authorization. Once the authorization to debit the customer’s bank account has been received from their bank, their “Shopping Basket” will be directly transmitted to the Company’s department responsible for preparing orders; the customer’s order number will then be displayed. This order will be binding on the customer as from the time when the Company receives the duly filled “Shopping Basket”, validated by the display of the page on which the order is recorded.


Within a maximum timeframe of six (6) days as from the display of the page recording the registration of the order, the Company will acknowledge having duly received the order by means of an email sent to the email address communicated by the customer. In accordance with the provisions of Article 1369-2 of the French Civil Code, the customer formally agrees to the Company’s use of emails to confirm the content of their order. This confirmation email will reproduce all the information communicated by the customer and will indicate, where relevant, any difficulties or reservations raised by the order (availability of the items ordered, delivery dates or chosen method of payment). It will mention the order number allocated to the customer by the Company. By way of an exception to the maximum timeframe of six (6) days mentioned above, the email acknowledging the receipt of orders accompanied by payments made by means of an international bank card issued by a bank domiciled outside France will only be sent by the Company once its bank account has been credited with the sums due by the customer.


Speaking generally, it is expressly agreed between the Company and the customer that emails will have probative force between the parties, as will the automatic data recording systems used on the Website, especially as concerns the nature and date of the order. In addition, the Company will retain the elements relating to any order worth €120 or more for a period of 10 years, and will hold this information at the disposal of the customer, who may send a request on this subject to IRO – 19 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris. The customer is nevertheless advised, for orders placed on the Website, to keep a copy (either in computer format and/or in the form of a paper print-out) of the information concerning their order (e.g. the email sent by the Company in accordance with Article 5-D above).


The prices displayed on the Website are expressed in euros and are inclusive of tax but do not include delivery costs. The prices take into account the VAT applicable and any reductions applicable on the day on which the order is placed. For deliveries outside French territory, the provisions stipulated in the General Tax Code on the subject of VAT will be applicable, as likewise customs duties. The prices invoiced will be those in force at the date of the order. The amount of the delivery costs relating to the delivery of the items will be automatically displayed on the Website at the time of the customer’s validation of their order and will be communicated again to the customer at the time of confirming their order by email. In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-19 of the Consumer Code, the customer will receive at the time of delivery written confirmation of the price paid for each item and the delivery costs payable by them.


Payment for the customer’s purchases will be made by: - "CB", Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard. Cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must obligatorily be international bank cards. In this context, the customer undertakes to make payment by means of a bank card of which they personally are the holder and on which their identity is mentioned (surname and first name). The IRO online shop uses the Ogone payment system. All transactions made via the IRO online shop are processed by the well-known Ogone secure online payment system, which encrypts all data and payment details. The IRO online shop does not keep any credit card number. In communicating their bank card number and/or bank account details, the customer unconditionally agrees in advance to the Company’s processing the corresponding secure transaction.
The customer therefore authorizes their bank in advance to debit their account with a view to the registrations or statements transmitted by the Company, even in the absence of invoices signed in person by the holder of the card.
Authorization to debit the customer’s account will always be given for the amount of the item(s) bought as invoiced by the Company. The customer’s bank card will be debited within a timeframe of six (6) days maximum: following the click made by the customer on the "VALIDATE” button on the Website after having verified that their order is compliant with these standard terms and conditions of sale and verified the availability of the Item(s) in question, even if they are temporarily unavailable, if this fact is accepted by the customer prior to the Company’s despatch of the item(s). If, for any reason whatsoever (opposition/objection, refusal on the part of the issuing centre, etc.), it proves impossible for the sums payable by the customer to be debited, the order will not be recorded by the Company. It is up to the customer to record and print their payment certificate if they wish to keep the bank details concerning their transaction.